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 As a Woman Photographer, I see weddings differently than most male photographers. I understand how important it is to look your best and feel comfortable with the person sharing your most important day and the most vulnerable moments. (Sorry to any elder male photographers). I can be with you and your bridesmaids as they are getting ready and give your images a woman's touch. I don't outsource any of my editing so from beginning to end you will have me and the vision from what I captured on camera until I deliver your final images.​

My approach to shooting weddings is very simple, I like to focus on unaffected and natural wedding photography;
photographing real moments and real emotions as they happen. We direct in a way that is still natural and that makes you look great. Then we add our artistic processing to your images and any touch-ups to make sure you and everyone look their best.​ Happiness, laughter, little looks, tenderness, big smiles, and tears of joy. The uniqueness and individuality of photographing people bring each image to life, and there’s nothing quite like a wedding to offer so many varied human emotions and interactions.  

A wedding is a day of pure happiness and excitement and I just love this, it drives me in my work. The images I love to capture and deliver to you make me happy and so many of my clients comment on how relaxed, natural, and fun their pictures are. Wedding Photography is all about capturing authentic emotion, natural connections, and unscripted moments of the wedding day.​ Every wedding is unique and personal so I make sure you get personal service and quality at a great price. It shows love in all its real-life vulnerability and brings meaningful interactions to light.