"Amidst the lush blooms and serene landscapes of Cross Estate Gardens in Bernardsville, New Jersey, love blossomed and unfolded its petals for the enchanting engagement session of Cara and Alex. As a witness to the vibrant tapestry of nature, this historical garden served as the perfect backdrop to capture the essence of their love story. Join us on the blog as we dive into the delicate dance of love, laughter, and shared dreams, all framed against the breathtaking beauty of Cross Estate Gardens. Cara and Alex's story is not just a celebration of their commitment; it's a symphony of romance, a visual ode to the timeless charm of a love that blooms like the flowers that surround them. Let's step into this captivating garden and explore the moments that make Cara and Alex's engagement session a truly unforgettable tale of love in full bloom."

The Love Story

"In the heart of college Cara and Alex shared dreams, Cara and Alex's love story began to unfold. It all started with the casual backdrop of mutual friends and the ebb and flow of college life. A year passed, and amidst the changing seasons, a subtle transformation occurred. The catalyst? Alex's summer experiment of growing out his hair, a change that caught Cara's eye and sparked the beginning of something more.

Their friendship, seasoned by shared laughter and countless study sessions, evolved into a romance that was as sweet as it was unexpected. The turning point came during a study session for Italian, where amidst the conjugations and vocabulary, Alex took a playful twist. On a post-it note written in the language of love (Italian), he asked Cara to be his girlfriend, forever etching the beginning of their shared journey.

As their love story continued to unfold, Alex became not just a partner but a source of inspiration for Cara. Encouraging her to chase her dreams and explore the world, he became the wind beneath her wings. This newfound love and support paved the way for a magical December day in 2021 when Alex, surrounded by their loved ones at Cara's childhood home, took a knee and asked her to be his forever.

The proposal, set to the backdrop of her mom's favorite song, 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac, carried a poignant touch. It felt as if her mom's spirit was present, blessing the union with a melody of love. In 2022, the depth of Alex's commitment reached new heights as he selflessly donated a portion of his liver to save Cara's sister, Marina. A testament to love's strength and resilience, this act solidified their bond, and Cara knew she had found her soulmate.

Fast forward to their engagement session at Cross Estate Gardens, where two peas in a pod found themselves surrounded by the beauty of nature. Their love radiates through each photograph, a glowing testament to the journey that began with a casual meeting at college, blossomed amidst shared dreams, and solidified into a love story that shines as brightly as the sun-kissed moments captured in the gardens of Bernardsville, New Jersey."